Flutter and React Native become the most popular cross-platform software development of mobile applications. As the need for mobile apps increases developers are looking at ways to build better apps in a faster way.

Flutter and React Native allows the creation of a single codebase that works for both iOS and Android devices. As there is less coding required apps can be released quicker and on a smaller budget. Besides this Flutter and React native has different operations and developer use them in terms of their needs.


Comparison between Flutter and React Native



React Native

Created by

It is first introduced by Google. It is first introduced by Facebook.


May 2017 March 2015

Programming Language

It uses Dart language to create a mobile app. It uses JavaScript to create mobile apps.

Build Release and Automation support

Flutter has a great build automation tooling and can be used to deploy apps from the command line. React Native apps lack support for the CLI tools that are officially supported for build automation.

User Interface

It uses custom widgets to build the UI of the app. It uses native UI controllers and other third-party libraries.


Well documented, good, organized, clear, and more informative. React native documentation is user-friendly but disorganized, Unclear, and difficult to follow.


Faster than React Native because it compiles the application by using the arm C/C++ library that makes it closer to machine code and gives the app a better native performance. The performance of the React Native app is slow in comparison to the Flutter app.


Flutter allows the developer to perform Unit testing, Widget testing and Integration testing. React Native uses third-party tools that are available for testing the app.

Community Support

It has less community support It has very strong community support

CI/CD support

Flutter apps are easy and painless to set up on CI/CD services by using its strong CLI tools. React Native doesn’t provide any official instructions for CI/CD practices.


134k stars and 19.9k forks on GitHub (Dec 2021W 100k stars and 21.6k forks on GitHub (Dec 2021)

Latest Version

Flutter-v2.8.1 React Native-v0.66.0


Typically much faster than native development. Possibly as fast as development with Flutter.

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